4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Industrial PDA

The industrial PDA offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industry. It has proved to be an effective tool for saving time, minimizing paperwork, and maximizing productivity. As with all technology, the key to successfully integrating PDAs into a workplace environment is choosing the right one. There are four primary factors to consider which will ensure the PDA will provide a positive ROI.The most important factor to consider is software integration. If the industrial PDA does not support an operating system that allows a company to utilize their preferred software then integration problems are likely. Integration issues are one of the most common unexpected expenses related to adopting new technologies into the workplace environment. Taking this into consideration before purchasing PDAs will save both time and money during the initial setup process.Another crucial factor to consider is durability. In most cases, industrial PDAs will be subjected to a variety of environments which can cause damage. This includes everything from high temperatures to daily jostling that a typical PDA wouldn’t be able to handle. The more durable the equipment is the less money will be required for regular maintenance or device replacement. This will significantly reduce the long-term costs of owning and maintaining a fleet of active PDAs.If a company attempts to integrate this technology for the first time then employee training may be required. The more tech savvy the staff is, the easier the overall integration process will be. If the staff does not know how to effectively utilize an industrial PDA then there is little chance it will be successfully adopted throughout the entire company. While this type of technology is extremely useful, the overall utility significantly diminishes if it is not fully leveraged in workplace processes.The specific applications installed on the PDA are important as well. In most cases, this technology is used to streamline workplace processes and simplify a variety of off-site practices. For example, if the PDA is used to generate and track sales then a POS application should be installed on the equipment. There are several issues which may affect what applications can be effectively used. They include the CPU speed, battery strength, and the availability of complementary attachments and accessories. Popular accessories include charging holsters, protective cases, extended batteries, cradles, and pistol grips.By taking all four of these factors into consideration when purchasing an industrial PDA companies will be able to choose the right equipment for their needs and maximize their ROI but also streamline the integration and training processes.